We specialise in jobs for the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Engineering sectors of Australia.



Our services include resume writing, cover letter creation, and LinkedIn profile building



We also provide online & one on one career coaching plus Outplacement services


We specialise in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Engineering sectors of Australia. If you wear Hi Vis, you’ll know what this is!

We deal exclusively with opportunities for Australians in the Hi Vis sectors. This means that the majority of positions will be based in Australia but you will also find jobs where you will be able to FIFO or relocate.

No, but you do need to have the right to work in Australia either through permanent residency or through a current and valid visa. Occasionaly an employer will be willing to sponsor an employee but this is clearly stated in the advertised job description.

No. When you register you can complete various sections to build a profile and links to accounts such as LinkedIn. If you need to write a new resume, check out the Resume Writing section of our Career Advice blog.

Yes. We actively encourage everyone to do this so that they can send the most appropriate version to each position they apply for.

Sure can. But we do have a few rules to keep things professional in our Terms. Nothing crazy, just common sense and decency.

Of course. We encourage it. Check out our Career advice on Creating Online Profiles though to make sure they are positive for your job search.

Some employers or recruiters opt to view our resume database as part of their account. However, you have the choice when you create an account as to whether to make your profile visible to being searched or hidden and just use it for storage of resumes and job alerts.

No way. What happens in Hi Vis Jobs, stays in HI Vis Jobs! Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Yes – and you can monitor them in your dashboard to easily edit their settings.

Very easily. You can choose which resume you want to use and click a button. That’s it. You will also be able to see which positions you have applied for from your job seeker dashboard. Here’s some career advice on how to apply for jobs too.

Just go to your job seeker dashboard and navigate from there. Please be aware that deleting your account deletes everything. Make sure you have copies of any resumes you are storing before you hit that button.

Resume Services

If you have been applying for jobs and not getting interviews, your resume may be to blame. But then it might not! There are so many factors at play here. Here’s some career advice on resume writing and how to apply for jobs. Alternatively, we can give you a free resume review to see if there are any areas that need improving.

Our current rate is AUD $350. This includes 2 versions – one for direct applications plus one for online positions. Yes – you need both!

We also give you 4 eBooks to help you complete a perfect LinkedIn profile, find great opportunities, get the most from recruiters, keep in control of your job search, apply for jobs the right way, and succeed at interviews.

NB – rates as of November 2019. Please check latest rates.

Yes, we can. If you buy a cover letter on its own it will be AUD$85.  If you purchase it along with a professional resume, it will cost you AUD$50. Here’s more information on both options.

Absolutely.  It’s a great idea to tidy up your online profiles generally but it is vital if you are looking for a new job. We charge AUD$199 and here’s where you can find out more information on what this involves

That depends on both of us. We use a 5 step process:

1 We start with an appraisal to determine what needs doing

2 We will ask for more information, if necessary, from you

3 You will then get the first draft

4 You then have 30 days to ask us to make any edits to perfect it

5 You receive your final versions plus a pack of eBooks to help you with your job search

Here is where can you can get more information on this process

Yes. If we don’t do all the things we promise in your appraisal, then you will be entitled to a refund.

You also have 30 days to request edits to improve your new resume after you receive your first draft so we can perfect it together.

We are hands-on recruiters as well as resume writers so we know what it takes to get your resume through ATS systems, into the hands of HR and recruiters, and on to that shortlist for interview.

Try us out and experience our approach with a free resume review.

No – because we are honest. And don’t believe anyone who will offer you this promise!

There are so many factors to getting a job and that’s why we have a full Career Advice section of our site to help you get it right.

What we do guarantee is that our global HR and recruiting knowledge and experience within the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Engineering sectors will be used to full effect in your new resume, putting you ahead of your competition to help you get the job you deserve.

Yes. Operators, Skilled Trades, Engineers, Project Managers, HSE Specialists, Site Supervisors, Project Directors, Geologists, Site Administrators, Cost Controllers – you name it, we’ve done it.

Possibly. If we have not written the resume originally, it may be difficult to match.

But we’ll be honest and give you a review of all the changes you need to make.

Of course. We won’t do that to you. Your resumes will be fully editable so you can target them to individual roles when you need to. Just make sure you keep one as the master copy and then save as many variations as you like.

Sure. We are a truly global business and write resumes for people all over the world across all continents. Our only restriction is the English language. Other than that we would love to work with you whether you are in Toronto, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Delhi, Manchester, Dallas, Madrid, Abu Dhabi…

Sometimes, depending on where you live. Please take professional advice from a suitably qualified accountant in your country.

Absolutely. You can pay securely by Credit Card through Stripe or PayPal.

Employers & Recruiters

If you have a job within the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, or Engineering sectors of Australia, then you can post a Standard job for free.

We are currently in the process of building our community and we would love you to be part of it.

In the future there will be a charge for Standard job posts but if you jump on board now as a founding member you will be offered a huge discount to say thanks for helping us grow.

We are building a community, not just another job site.

A Standard Job Post is free but a Featured Job Post is $47

However, for companies  and recruiters that regualrly post standard jobs we occasionally upgrade a job or two to say thanks for supportung us.

Standard Job postings allow you to add a full description including your logo, photos, videos, and links and are display by date posted.

Featured Jobs are ‘sticky’ meaning they are displayed before all non-featured jobs.

They also appear in highlighted areas such as the slider on the front page.

Both allow you to create a company page to promote your organisation

When you click on Post a Job you will be given the oportunity to choose either a Standard or Featured Job.

Yes. You have total control over where you want to receive applications. You can choose an email or a URL of your choice to recieve applications

Very. Your Dashboard allows you to see a snapshot of published listings, pending listings, expired listings, clicks, applications and monthly views.

Each job post is live for 30 days

No. You have the option of including or excluding. However, where possible, we advise you to add the salary to make it more attractive to both job seekers and Google.

Adding a salary creates a far better user experience for job seekers, making it more likely that they will view your company in a positive light.

Google loves information, so the more you give it, the more likely you are to have your job picked and highlighted when candidates search for opportunities.

Every job has to be in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, or Engineering sectors.

If an Australian citizen or permanent resident is able to work within your country directly or through a visa that is either sponsored by you or easy to aquire then yes, you can post overseas jobs on this site.

Currently all Standard Job Posts are free.

If you find that you want to post a large volume of paid Featured Job Postings at $47 each, you might like to consider our Corporate Plan. For $2, 997 you can post unlimited Standard and Feaured jobs for 12 months.

Career Coaching

Good question. If you Google the term, you’ll find lots of different definitions ranging from workplace stress counselling to leadership training.

At the Hi Vis Hub and Hi Vis Jobs it means just one thing – getting you the job you deserve.

Whether you choose online or one on one coaching, we will take you through our proven 6 Steps to Career Success programme covering resume writing, using social media, finding jobs, working with recruiters, applying for jobs, performing at interviews, and negotiating your new salary.

In a nutshell?  It’s everything you need to get every job you deserve.

It is for anyone actively searching for a new position who feels they need some professional support and advice along the way to help them get the job they deserve.

Online Coaching gives you our 6 Steps to Career Success programme which you can access at your convenience plus get answers and guidance to your questions along the way. In effect, it is a done with you option.

With One on One Coaching, we deliver this programme in person via scheduled telephone/Skype calls with your coach, and also include professional resume writing, cover letters and LinkedIn profile writing.In effect, it is a done for you option.

Same principles, same result – getting the job you deserve.

When you sign up, you will be given access to our exclusive 6 Steps to Career Success programme.

Once you have logged in and found your way around, we will ask you to upload your current resume in a private, online session with your Coach.

Your coach will then provide you with either a call, audio file or video giving you a detailed analysis of your resume – and what needs improving.

You can then progress with your 6 Steps to Career Success programme which includes videos, downloads, worksheets and practical exercises that will take you through the whole job search process.

Along the way, you coach will be there to answer your questions – for example, checking your new resume once you have done it, advising on a cover letter before you send it, specific interview tips, checking over your LinkedIn profile …

Basically, it’s online support with everything you need help with on your journey to that next great job.

Our proven 6 Steps to Career Success programme is delivered in person by your Coach.

After sign up, you will receive a call from your Coach to discuss your personal plan and set the milestones along the way.

Your Coach will write your resume for you, produce cover letters, redesign your LinkedIn profile, help you apply for jobs, provide interview preparation and guidance, and help you with negotiating your salary and the resignation process.

It’s everything you need delivered one on one to get the job you deserve

We have a number of different online courses available, some of which are free!

Check out what is currently available 

A three-month programme costs AUD$997 which includes professional resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, cover letter creation, plus ongoing support including interview preparation.

One on one caoching lasts for 3 months

Online coaching depends on the actual course in question

Career Coaching guides you through our 6 Steps to Career Success Programme

After providing you with an in-depth review of your current resume, the Online Programme will show you:

How to Write Your Resume

How to Create Perfect Online Profiles

How to Find Jobs

How to Apply for Jobs

How to Succeed at Interviews

How to Negotiate Your Salary

If you choose One on One Coaching, we will write your resume and cover letters, redesign your LinkedIn profile and personally deliver the course information from the online programme including one on one interview preparation.

Absolutely. Although most of our clients are from Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Engineering, we have successfully coached people from other backgrounds such as Finance, IT, Marketing, and even Healthcare.

We have worked globally for many years successfully taking people from ‘fired to hired’ and all the steps in between.

Check out the testimonials on our service pages for examples.

Your coaching will be delivered by the founders of the Hi Vis Hub and Hi Vis Jobs, Mark Daniel and Amanda Datchens, and assisted by other professionals where applicable.

Yes, if you have chosen One on One Coaching

No, if you have chosen Online Coaching. However, we will provide you with a thorough resume review with recommendations and then check it over – plus anything else you do like cover letters – to give you feedback.

In other words – One on One is done for you, whereas online is done with you.

Yes, if we fail to deliver what we promise at the start of a One on One programme.

Regarding online coaching, yes if, after completing the entire course plus all workbooks, exercises and tasks, you feel there was no value to you, then we will of course refund your monies.

No. In fact, our clients are all over the world, across all continents.

Possibly. Depending on where you are based, it may be possible to get the service ‘for free’ because it will be tax deductible on your annual returns. Please seek local, professional advice.

Yes, you can up to a point.

Our aim at the Hi Vis Hub and Hi Vis Jobs is for people to get the job they deserve.

That’s why our Career Advice centre is packed full of content from our 6 Steps to Career Success programme… but our Coaching programmes cover so much more in terms of videos, downloadable guides, and workbooks for you to interact with.

Plus, Coaching has that personal element where we can give you advice and guidance specifically for you and your individual circumstances.

You can pay securely by Credit Card through Stripe or PayPal

This is a very common question. The answer is most definitely yes.

One on One Coaching is just you and your Coach.

Online Coaching will provide you with a login to various courses where you will have access to your Coach through private sessions that nobody else will see.

Career Coaching is for everyone

The only thing our clients have in common is that they are actively seeking a new opportunity.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you want to go, because we can help you get there.

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